Nutrition – A Key Element in the Sport of Body Building


Nutrition in Body Building

Some say nutrition is 80 – 85% of the success of the bodybuilding sport. This is probably the biggest component that unfortunately receives a plethora of mixed messages or is driven by the supplement marketing companies that confuse the nutrition piece.

There is a definite science behind the nutritional practices behind what a bodybuilder should understand. Things like the macronutrients (carbs, fats proteins) and when to consume them, quantity, type, frequency, etc.  Same with micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals.  The biggest confusion is around nutritional supplements.  Again, with the protocols for macronutrients a bodybuilder needs to understand what supplements do what and when is the best time to consume, quantity, frequency, etc. Also, depending on your training program how supplements will optimize the desired outcome. If someone doesn’t completely understand what they are doing they could be affecting their progress, potentially affecting their health or of course wasting their money because of using the wrong supplements for what they want to achieve.

There must be a great deal of understanding around diet, nutrition and supplementation.  It is therefore prudent to seek out a qualified professional.  Look for someone with professional certification and formal education. For more on the topic of selecting a personal training read my article on Selecting A Personal Trainer

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Duane De Jager, M.Ed., B.Ed., BPE

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