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  • Benefits of Strength Training


    Lifting weights. Resistance training. Pumping iron. No matter what you call it, strength training is important for boosting the overall health and well-being of people of all ages and fitness levels. While strength training can seem a bit intimidating at… Read More ›

  • Selecting A Personal Trainer

    Fitpro Consulting

    With my background in Physical Education and Sports Nutrition I have seen many individuals make their way into various disciplines that Physical Education/Kinesiology prepares them for. One such area is Personal Training. I have met some great personal trainers and others that should have chosen another line of work.

  • Cheat Meals


    I’ve heard I won’t meet my fitness goals if I eat cheat meals, is that true? Cheat meals will neither prevent you from getting ripped nor losing fat! In fact, most nutrition experts – like Alan Aragon and John Berardi… Read More ›

  • Protein Supplements Explained

    Drinking Shake

    If there is one supplement that should have a permanent space on every athlete’s kitchen counter, it should be a container of high quality protein powder.  Studies reported in the NSCA Journal of sports nutrition have demonstrated that protein supplements… Read More ›

  • Overtraining


    Overtraining: One topic that seems to be avoided in the bodybuilding world more often than not is the topic of Overtraining. Some experts have estimated that at least 90% of all bodybuilders are in a constant state of overtraining.  Most… Read More ›

  • Anabolic Effect of Water

    Glass of water

    The anabolic effect of water in strength training: I think we’ve all heard the ‘drinking a lot of water is good for you‘ line more than we can count.  To support the case of consuming a large volume of water… Read More ›

  • Reasons To Compete


    It is interesting to watch some of the people attending a Bodybuilding/Fitness & Figure contest and hear the comments from them as they leave, noting they could have easily stepped onto that stage and claimed some of the shiny hardware.

  • Training Tips for the Gym

    Women lifting weights

    Training Tips for the Gym Keep a Training Journal/Log: By using a journal to document your bodybuilding journey you can objectively and accurately assess your progress, identify trouble spots or areas of opportunity and plan realistic solutions to address those… Read More ›

  • Coconut Oil – Health Benefits

    Coconut oil and fresh coconut on white background

    Coconut Oil It is a common misconception that coconut oil is bad for you. People all over the world are experiencing the healthy benefits of using coconut oil. It is actually one of the healthiest oils you can consume. Here… Read More ›

  • Lunges – Building Upper Leg Muscles


    As a personal trainer I am frequently asked  how does the walking lunge differ from the stationary lunge – is one better than the other for leg development? Answer: The walking lunge works the same muscles as the stationary lunge, but the… Read More ›