Personal Training Services

Personal Training: Be your best. Train with the best.


Get ready for a comprehensive and life-changing approach to fitness and nutrition.

Personal training and nutrition packages include:

Individualized Goal-Based Program
An assessment of where you are now and a personalized plan for achieving your goals with optimal results in the least amount of time.

Customized Nutrition Plan
Whether your goals are to shed pounds, gain muscle, increase endurance (or all of the above), a customized nutrition plan makes all the difference in the world.

Your nutrition plan will be tailored to your specific goals and includes guidance on types of food, quantities, frequency and timing of meals that will help you get the best results.

Hybrid Strength, Core, Cardio and Body Toning Workouts
Strength training, core, cardio and body toning workouts can be combined to boost metabolism and to burn fat. This approach results in more rapid and sustainable weight-loss while at the same time improving strength, muscle size and muscle tone, performance and endurance.

With a focus on good form and technique, a progressive approach will help you to prevent injuries and maximize results while building your strength, dexterity and stamina.

Drawing from a multitude of proven sports disciplines and techniques, your workouts will help you shed pounds, increase your strength, sculpt your body, make your heart stronger and improve your body’s circulatory system in the most efficient way possible.

Stretching, Flexibility & Posture
Effective stretching and flexibility sessions will improve your posture, reduce muscle tension and soreness and reduce your risk of injury.

People with good posture exude confidence, experience fewer injuries and look several pounds thinner.

Your workout routines will be balanced to keep your body limber, targeted to improve tight spots or areas which put your body at risk for injury and help you to achieve better posture.

Ongoing Support, Motivation & Consultation
One of the greatest benefits of hiring a personal trainer is that the trainer provides ongoing support and motivation which helps you stick to your goals.

Having an effective plan, fitness schedule and being accountable often makes the difference between those who dream about achieving their goals, and those who actually achieve their goals.

Benefits of hiring a personal trainer and having an effective training plan:

  • Help you reach your goals faster
  • Motivate and educate you
  • Save you time
  • Reduce your stress
  • Reduce your body fat
  • Tone and tighten your body
  • Help you become a better athlete
  • Help you live longer
  • Help you look better
  • Reduce your risk of injury
  • Give you self-discipline
  • Help you feel in control of your life


Online Services – Body Transformation Program:

Online Coaching Program Ideal for anyone looking to LOSE WEIGHT and get leaner, healthier and more fit or just looking to build muscle and stay lean in the process, we tailor your program to YOU and YOUR goals.

What you get:

We create your meal plan and a progressive weight resistance/cardio regimen to complement it (based on info we gather from you), you follow your plan and check-in weekly via e-mail and/or text or online (eg Facebook Private Group) giving us an update with info we request from you, we assess your progress and make adjustments when needed/if needed to your plan in order to keep progress going and keep you on the path to reach your goals. We walk you through the process from point A to point B. You execute the plan as we do the thinking for you!

Service Plans

Mobile Fee Schedule (above)

Nutrition Plans:                                                       Exercise  Plans                                                               Combined Nutrition and Exercise Plans

1 month: $150                                                         1 month: $150                                                                 1 month: $275

3 months: $400                                                       3 months: $400                                                               3 months: $625

6 months: $700                                                       6 months: $700                                                               6 months: $950

9 months: $900                                                       9 months: $900                                                               9 months: $1250

1 year: $1000                                                          1 year: $1000                                                                  1 year: $1500

For maximum results It is recommended that you combine both a nutrition plan and exercise plan into your body transformation program.

1-on-1, in-person, personal training:

Member $55.00 CAD per session (1 hour) or 10 sessions for $500.

Non members $60.00 CAD per session (1 hour) or 10 sessions for $550

The package sessions can be used anytime.


FitPro Consulting Pre-Contest Program Package:

  • Initial Consultation Included
  • Complete program with On-line personalized weight training programs
  • Complete nutrition & supplementation plans-Cardiovascular outlines & drills
  • Clients are to send weekly measurements for assessment as well as bi-weekly photos
  • Body Composition testing conducted at times when required for analysis and coaching.
  • A one to one workout session
  • Guidance provided on posing, suit selection, hair and make-up
  • Meal plans and training programs are provided for off-season and pre-contest
  • Access/communication with your coach throughout the entire contracted program via text, phone and online (eg Facebook Private Group)
  • Post competition follow-up including a recommended nutrition plan to ease you back into “off-season”

Fee schedule for FitPro Consulting (Pre-Contest Program Package):

  • 16 Week Membership/Coaching $900 – includes all of the services mentioned above. 50% at month one and %50 at month two.
  • $225 per month for additional months payable at the beginning of the month.
  • One-to-One Personal Training/Coaching:

    Member $55.00 CAD per session or 10 sessions for $500

    Non members $60.00 CAD per session or 10 sessions for $550

  • Private stage presentation/posing:

    Member $55.00 CAD per session or 10 sessions for $500

    Non members $60.00 CAD per session or 10 sessions for $550

    Online posing sessions also available (e.g. Skype) for members only. Rates $25.00 on the half hour – $40.00 per hour.

    Group (2 or more people) stage presentation/posing at a reduced rate/session.

  • Dynamis Sports Nutrition products available – exclusive rates for members
  • Perfect Nutrition Supplements available- exclusive rates for members
  • Payments are made through email money transfer or
  • major credit cards with a min service charge (3.75%)
  • Referral Bonus for current members.


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