Client Testimonials

 Client Testimonials


Amazing experience!
I have been working out for over 20 years and consider it a passion in my life.
Duane has been awesome to work with. He has opened my eyes to different methods of training, nutrition and science. His vast knowledge of the body and its function is astounding. From my training schedule to my nutrition guide, provided by Duane, I have had nothing but successes in my results.
I have been fortunate to have met Duane as I feel much healthier, energetic, and look better then ever before.
Thanks Duane!
You will forever be recommended as a top notch, world class trainer in my eyes!
Chad Priest

Chad Priest



I have to say that Duane not only saved me once during my competition prep but twice! He has being such a stable and knowledgeable coach and dialed me in quickly and efficiently. He was always available in times of crisis and a voice of reason when I suffered from “prep brain” his kindness and attention to detail in both my training and meal plans were always on time and clearly detailed and I thoroughly enjoyed working with him both seasons!! I rocked the stage at the NPAA and INBF and earned my Procards my first year competing. I would recommend him to anyone looking to compete or just improve their lifestyle through educated guidance with training and nutrition.



I found out about Duane through an acquaintance and, after checking out their website and meeting Duane, decided to go with him for my first competition. What I absolutely loved about his approach is that my health and wellness came first in the list of priorities during the contest prep. My nutritional plans consisted of whole, unprocessed foods, and complemented my training. At times when I struggled, Duane  was extremely supportive and always reminded me to trust the process. Duane was a wonderful coach with many years of experience in competing and tons of useful knowledge. Four months after I started working with him, I placed 3rd in the NPAA Canada Classic Fitness Model Novice category, and I was ecstatic with my results. I am currently continuing to train with Duane off season, and looking forward to my next contest prep.

Ksenia NPAA May 2014


I met Duane in September 2013 with the idea of hiring a personal trainer who could change me and take me to a new level of fitness.

My first impression when I met with Duane for our initial consultation was that he is clearly serious about his own fitness as demonstrated with how strong and for he looks. The second thing that impressed me about Duane meeting him is that he touched on many points that were important for me with having a personal trainer. First he explained that as his client I would be followed up with on a weekly basis to see how I was progressing and this would include body measurement, overall successes and challenges for the week in both the workout and meal plan. Second, Duane explained the need to be constantly changing the workout plan to ensure the body was not becoming accustomed to the workout and is always being challenged. Third, Duane explained the importance of following a meal plan meal that was specific to my fitness goal and body type. Duane made it very clear from the start that 80% of getting fit and strong meant healthy eating and feeding your body in the most optimal way.

I was convinced after this first meeting that I had found my new personal trainer and nutrition coach. I could not wait to get started. Initially my goal was to get to a level of fitness in which I could do a fitness shoot but because it is very easy to lose focus of goal that has no set date Duane encouraged me to work on doing a fitness competition 8 months away.

Signing up for a fitness competition was nothing that had ever crossed my mind since I never thought it was something that suited me. Without thinking about it too much I followed what Duane prescribed week after week.

May came around and 8 weeks pre competition I questioned my ability to actually follow through with competing but Duane  gave me the support, confidence and knowledge to believe I was capable of doing it.

May 18, 2014 and I made it to competition day!! It was one of the most exciting, scary, nerve wrecking and fun moment all rolled into one. I competed in two categories and although I didn’t place in either one I was proud to have reached my fitness goal and be a part of a life changing experience.

I left the competition feeling inspired and with new fitness goals to achieve.

Thought the whole process I felt the love and support from Duane. He gave me the best tools they have for optimal fitness, it was up to me what I did

Carolin Ricciardi

NPAA Competitor – Carolin Gonzalez




This was my first time competing and a friend has recommended Duane.  I decided on FitPro Consulting because of his expertise in the bodybuilding world and nutritional diets.  Duane has a phenomenal amount of knowledge and experience.  I loved his encouragement and support and with his professional assistance and guidance, I had an amazing journey to my 2 competitions and post competition too.  For my first competition NPAA, I placed 5th in Master Fitness category and my second competition in the INBF, I placed 4th in Open Bikini.  I was thrilled with my placement and the all the hard work and dedication was well rewarded.  Thank-you so much Duane for making my journey so smooth and rewarding!!

Marjorie NPAA May 2014

Marjorie NPAA May 2014



When choosing a trainer for my second fitness competition, I had several items on my wish list that I wanted in a Coach: support, attentiveness, the ability to offer alternatives to meals or workouts when I was tired or bored, and someone who was not afraid to be honest when I needed a reality check. When I joined Team FitPro I was granted all these things and best of all I got a extremely knowledgeable coach! Duane walks the walk – he is a perfect example of knowledge combined with hard work and dedication – and he expects this of his clients as well.

I can confidently recommend his coaching and nutrition services to anyone who is looking to compete in a fitness competition or is simply looking to improve the quality of their life through proper diet and exercise. Duane brings  years of experience to develop a personalized plan to help you achieve your goals. I am happy to have been a client of his and am proud to have won a third place trophy in NPAA Open Bikini Model in May 2013!

Kelsie NPAA May 2013


After completing my first figure competition I felt I needed a change in coaches. I had spoken with Duane a few times and his knowledge and passion for the sport and of the body it was without question that he was the coach for me! Duane is extremely competent and knowledgeable trainers & nutrition guides, very approachable, and provides lots of encouragement without being over bearing. He understood my requirements and had to amend his plans for me due to a vacation & surgery and at the end of my 5 month training regime I brought a better package to the stage. Together we made huge gains in both strength and in my figure. He was available when I needed guidance, or just to be talked off the proverbial ledge! It is without hesitation whatsoever that I can & have recommended Duane to others who are looking to compete or just to get into better shape!

Linda NPAA May 2013

Brad Styner – Airdrie Chrysler CEO

I first met Duane DeJager several years ago at the Calgary Winter Club gym.  Duane was already well known at the club for his incredible dedication to bodybuilding and the success that he was having in that field.  Not only was he impressive from the standpoint of his personal achievements in the gym, but probably even more for his willingness to help others learn and improve.  Duane treats bodybuilding, working out and attention to nutrition as both a science and a passion.  His knowledge, expertise and dedication are obvious in both his own results and in the results of others that he advises and trains.  He has been and remains a great influence on many health conscious individuals both as an advisor and mentor.


Steven Bateman – Client

Duane DeJager is an inspirational leader in the area of health and fitness. He combines a wealth of practical knowledge with common sense, patience, flexibility and determination, to bring a standard of excellence to fitness education. Duane excels at coaching anyone from a complete beginner to a competition level professional. Not only does he communicate effectively, but he consistently practices the very principles he teaches in his own real life situation. I highly recommend FitPro Consulting to anyone at any fitness level who is looking to improve their health.


Matt Park, INBF Canada President

Duane DeJager is a first class individual who has accomplished incredible success in the natural bodybuilding & fitness arena in such a short period of time. His work ethic, world class knowledge and passion for the sport is unprecedented. I highly recommend Duane for training and nutrition consultation as he delivers such personal, professional and highly advanced services that will help reach your goals at any fitness level!!!

Mat Park - INBF President, Canada
Mat Park – INBF President, Canada

Martin Robichaud – Contest Client

I have been a regular at the gym since I was 16 years old, but even though I followed different training routines and nutrition plans, I never achieved my ultimate goal of competing in a bodybuilding competition. At 33, I started thinking this may never happen, but then I met Duane and he told me I could be stage ready in 16 weeks. This meant dropping 25lbs., so I figured if nothing else I would get in better shape. 

Duane was extremely knowledgeable, passionate and really cared, which in my opinion makes all the difference. A lot of the nutrition and competition prep was new for me, so I had a lot of questions especially at the beginning and was amazed at how fast and precise Duane would respond.

I trusted Duane’s expertise and followed his guidance to the best of my abilities, and 16 weeks later I achieved my goal and competed in the Men’s Bodybuilding NPAA Canada Classic. As a huge bonus I finished 3rd in the novice division. In my 33 years I have never felt healthier, and now I am determined to maintain this healthy life style all thanks to Duane.

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