Selecting A Personal Trainer

With my background in Physical Education and Sports Nutrition I have seen many individuals make their way into various disciplines that Physical Education/Kinesiology prepares them for. One such area is Personal Training. I have met some great personal trainers and others that should have chosen another line of work.

Cheat Meals

I’ve heard I won’t meet my fitness goals if I eat cheat meals, is that true? Cheat meals will neither prevent you from getting ripped nor losing fat! In fact, most nutrition experts – like Alan Aragon and John Berardi… Read More ›

Protein Supplements Explained

If there is one supplement that should have a permanent space on every athlete’s kitchen counter, it should be a container of high quality protein powder.  Studies reported in the NSCA Journal of sports nutrition have demonstrated that protein supplements… Read More ›

Vegetable Couscous

This vegetable and chickpea couscous is delicious and nutritious. Chickpeas are high in fibre and iron, and the prunes add a hint of natural sweetness, which makes this all-in-one dish feel indulgent. Additionally, leftovers make a great portable lunch or… Read More ›