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L-Carnitine  L-carnitine – a fat-loss transporter. The primary function of L-carnitine is to facilitate the transport of fatty acids from a cell’s cytoplasm across the mitochondrial membrane to the interior of the mitochondria, where fat burning takes place.  Without carnitine… Read More ›

Popular Supplements

Supplements: Many people new to sports and fitness nutrition will listen to their friends advise or pick up a tip or two in the local gym about what the best and safest supplements are to take. Unfortunately, the messages received can sometimes be confusing and misguided leaving you wondering… Read More ›

Hello world!

Hello World! 🙂 This web page is part of a labour of love which encompasses Fitness, Health, Competition and Lifestyle. We do personal training, group workshops and competition prep, among other things. We have an incredibly diverse educational background that… Read More ›