5 Tips to Improve Sleep

5 Tips to Improve Sleep

Excessive stress is a killer, make no mistake about it. One of the biggest sources of stress is a lack of sleep. Inadequate rest is remarkably detrimental to the human body. Yet an estimated one in four people suffers from stress-induced sleep deprivation. The truth is that most of us know that stress is bad for us but we get caught up in our busy daily schedules and often loose focus. It can be challenging to take time for yourself but the bottom line is that not only will it improve your quality of life today but also your health tomorrow. So let’s discuss some really practical ideas that you can implement on a daily of weekly basis to improve your sleep. These tips will make your week better and your mood happier. Read the following suggestions and give one or more of them a try.

Get a good night’s sleep.
It sounds so simple until it eludes you and then things get a little nasty (and sometimes you do too! LOL) A good night of sleep often begins before our toes slide under the covers. So lets begin….

1. Limit caffeine
Eliminate or reduce your intake of coffee, tea, chocolate and cola. You’ll sleep better, and feel less jittery and more energetic.

2. Avoid other stimulants
Nicotine should be avoided for several reasons and one of those is that it is indeed a stimulant. Many weight loss products should be avoided also because they are designed to increase your metabolism. Even dietary supplements like taurine, arginine and B vitamins should be taken during the day instead of the evening due to their mildly stimulating effects.

3. Take a hot bath
Have a hot relaxing bath before bed. This will slow your system down and allow it to transition into a naturally relaxed state of being. This will allow you to fall asleep with greater ease.

4. Ditch the electronics
Don’t take your smart phone or laptop to bed. They keep the brain active. Research has shown that using these electronics prior to bed time interrupts sleep patterns. Keep the surfing to other rooms and preferably at other times of the day.

5. Your room
A dark room is conducive to sleep. Do your curtains block out light? This is especially important for someone who lives in a very well it area. This is also essential for someone who engages in shift work and finds it necessary to sleep during daylight hours.

So there you have it. These tips are not rocket science and there are no complicated routines. If anything, these steps are simple and doable. Now it’s up to you to give them a try.
I wish you a restful sleep  zzzzzZZzzzZZZZ 🙂Image

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